'Under no circumstances' will Britain accept a Brexit extension

11 June 2020, 09:56

Michael Gove made the comments in the Commons
Michael Gove made the comments in the Commons. Picture: PA
EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Britain will "under no circumstances" accept an extension to the Brexit transition, Michael Gove has told MPs.

Speaking in the Commons, the Cabinet Office minister said: "The transition period ends on December 31 2020. Under no circumstances will the Government accept an extension.

"Indeed, we have a domestic law obligation not to accept.

"Extending simply delays the moment at which we achieve what we want and what the country voted for - our economic and political independence."

Talks are underway between the UK and the EU as both sides attempt to reach a deal on trade. However, neither side is entirely happy with certain propositions from the other.

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, claimed a trade deal with the EU based on the UK’s “very reasonable” demands is still possible.

He said he “very much” hoped a no deal outcome could be avoided if the two sides could work together.

Michael Gove said there has been "sadly no movement" on key Brexit negotiation areas, including fisheries and the "level playing field".

Speaking about the most recent round of talks, he told MPs: "Both sides did engage constructively, there was however sadly no movement on the most difficult areas where differences of principle are at their most acute, notably on fisheries, governance arrangements and the so-called level playing field."