Who Are The “Yellow Vest” Protesters Targeting MPs Outside Parliament?

8 January 2019, 17:52

MPs have criticised police for their response to “intimidatory” acts from so-called Yellow Vest protesters outside parliament - but who are they?

Conservative MP Anna Soubry was verbally abused by a group of pro-Brexit demonstrators on Monday.

The ex-minister was also called a “Nazi” and a “liar” as she was heckled during a number of live TV interviews.

Ms Soubry has accused the Metropolitan Police of ignoring abuse hurled at politicians and journalists outside Parliament.

One of the activists involved in yesterday’s shouting and jostling to Facebook to defend his actions.

James Goddard is a pro-Brexit protester
James Goddard is one of the key pro-Brexit protesters. Picture: PA

James Goddard wrote: “She’s called a Nazi because she’s acting like one”.

"We must remember the Nazis were elected into power and then went against ordinary Germans! Pretty much echoing what's going on this country,” he added.

"If the political class weren't trying to thwart Brexit, then I wouldn't have to approach these treacherous MPs.

"Has anyone noticed how they bang on about equal rights for women, yet when they're approached they go into meltdown!”

He was involved in a similar incident with Ms Soubry last year, in which he accused the MP for Broxtowe of being on "the side of Adolf Hitler".

After the event, which again sparked headlines, Mr Goddard phoned Shelagh Fogarty to defend his actions.

“Hitler wanted a United Europe with no nation states, with no sovereignty," he said during a very feisty debate with the LBC presenter.

Mr Goddard first made headlines in December after blocking traffic on Westminster Bridge with a number of other protesters wearing high-vis jackets.

The group appear to mimic anti-government protesters in France, dubbed the “gilets jaunes” - or the “yellow vests”.

Shortly before Christmas he was involved in a protest at an appeal hearing for drink-driver Jaynesh Chudasama who killed three teenage boys in early 2018.

Proceedings had to be halted and chanting from people in the public gallery after Chudasama had his 13-year prison term for causing by dangerous driving reduced.

Other incidents involving the so-called Yellow Vests have included arriving unannounced at the offices of Facebook and the Labour Party.