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Just Stop Oil vandalised an Aston Martin dealership on Park Lane

Eco activists Just Stop Oil cover Aston Martin dealership with orange paint in latest London protest

Protestors from Animal Rebellion stage milk pours across the UK

Milking it: Animal Rebellion protestors pour milk across UK shop aisles as group say 'we don't have a choice'

A furious van driver was halted by Just Stop Oil protesters

Furious driver ‘taking wife to hospital’ berates Just Stop Oil protesters in east London

Two protesters poured soup over the Van Gogh painting yesterday

Eco activists deny criminal damage over Van Gogh soup protest


'Stay out of Stop the Oil protests': Met tells drivers not to 'self-police' when eco-mob block roads

Just Stop Oil protestors

Just Stop Oil protestors throw soup over Van Gogh's Sunflowers in the National Gallery

England experienced extreme heatWildfires broke out and a drought was declared in England following this summer's extreme temperatures. this summer, which led to wildfires breaking out and a drought declared.

England's extreme summer was officially the joint hottest in 138 years

Just Stop Oil are disrupting seven petrol stations across central London

Just Stop Oil protesters smash petrol pumps and block service stations across central London

The Met Office issued a warning for thunderstorms and heavy rain

Flooding causes commuter chaos as Tube station forced to close after torrential downpours

The Met Office have issued weather warnings for thunderstorms across the UK

Rain will merely 'scratch the surface' of Britain's drought problems despite flash flood and thunderstorm warnings

Firefighters found an unexploded WW2 bomb whilst tackling a huge wildfire sparked by disposable BBQ in Dorset

Firefighters find unexploded WW2 bomb whilst tackling huge blaze sparked by disposable BBQ

Summer hosepipe bans could continue until October with no "meaningful rainfall" forecast

Thames Water to announce hosepipe ban 'in weeks' as millions face restrictions until October

A new map has revealed the every area in the UK at risk from a hosepipe ban

Drought map reveals areas in the UK at risk from a hosepipe ban as second heatwave looms

Protesters scaled a gantry over the M25 and blocked traffic

Protesters block M25 and warn that climate change ‘will cause society to collapse’

The UK experienced an unprecedented heatwave on Monday and Tuesday

Met Office warns of extreme heatwave every three years after UK burns in 40C heat

Grant Shapps says transport industry can't cope with extreme weather

'UK not built to stand 40C': Shapps says transport can't cope with extreme weather

Welder fears that extreme heatwave will kill his colleagues

Welder fears that extreme heatwave will kill his colleagues

Three bison have been released into West Blean and Thornden Woods

Wild bison released in UK 6,000 years after going extinct to curb climate crises