Ben Kentish grills PM over pressure on NHS amid Omicron spread

4 January 2022, 18:24 | Updated: 4 January 2022, 20:17

By Seán Hickey

LBC's Westminster correspondent questioned Boris Johnson's attempts to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed by Omicron.

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Boris Johnson hosted a press briefing from Downing Street on Tuesday evening where he outlined plans to provide daily Covid tests to "critical workers" and pledged to stick to "Plan B" measures to alleviate pressure on the NHS.

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Ben Kentish reminded the PM that his winter plan promised the government would do "whatever it takes" to prevent the NHS becoming overwhelmed.

"Isn't the NHS already overwhelmed and you're not doing very much to stop it?" He asked.

Mr Johnson insisted the government are "doing everything we can to make sure the NHS is supplied with all the PPE they need."

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Additionally, the PM acknowledged that "the numbers are high, that's clear", but noted that Omicron "is a milder variant that keeps people in hospital for a shorter period".

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"That's not in any way to minimise the pressure on the NHS right now."

Mr Johnson said that to prevent numbers from reflecting what was seen in January last year, Plan B is the best way forward.

He concluded by telling LBC's Westminster correspondent that "the boosters, the vaccines really are the way forward."