Boris Johnson announcement: When will PM confirm official lockdown rules for Christmas?

23 November 2020, 10:38

Boris Johnson Christmas rules announcement is expected to happen next week
Boris Johnson to announcement Christmas lockdown rules within next two days. Picture: PA

Will there be a Christmas Covid lockdown? And when will the Prime Minister and the government make an official announcement about Xmas coronavirus rules? Here’s when we can expect the official announcement.

Coronavirus at Christmas could see some big changes for how the UK celebrates the festive season with their friends and family - but when will we have an official announcement on the Christmas Covid rules?

Speculation on Christmas restrictions and Covid are at an all-time high with talks of an extended lockdown, picnics in the park and a third lockdown after Christmas all being suggested by experts.

However, at the moment, neither the Prime Minister nor his officials have confirmed exactly what the Christmas coronavirus lockdown rules will be.

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So when will Boris Johnson's Christmas announcement be? When will the UK find out the official lockdown rules for Christmas?

Coronavirus rules at Christmas could be eased say experts
Coronavirus rules at Christmas could be eased say experts. Picture: PA

It's expected Boris Johnson will touch upon the guidelines and rules around Christmas in his announcement today which will mainly focus on the strict new tier system the UK will face on the second lockdown end date.

The Prime Minister, who is expected to talk to the nation on November 23, will outline the new rules for tiers one, two and three and how the UK will tackle Covid in the winter months.

However, with much speculation about Christmas bubbles and celebrations, it's thought Boris will give us a general outline of the rules which are expected to include allowing three households to meet at Christmas.

It's then been reported Boris and his team of experts will confirm all Christmas Covid rules on Tuesday, November 24 in an official announcement. This will also likely address the possibility of a Christmas lockdown following the easing of rules.