Caller begs public to think about families of NHS workers before ignoring rules

12 April 2020, 11:45

By Seán Hickey

This panicked caller shared her disappointment at people flouting coronavirus guidelines while her partner risks his life in a UK hospital.

Jenny's partner is a doctor in a British A&E and expressed her disgust at people that aren't obeying social distancing guidelines.

She told Richard Spurr that she could see "the fundamental lack of understanding" in public as people were ignoring guidelines and putting the lives of NHS workers at risk through their defiance.

"It's just shocking" Jenny said. "My partner is risking his life to save these people" and for people to not be able to make a sacrifice for everyone's benefit is baffling to her.

Jenny told Richard that she herself lives in a small studio flat and understands why people need to be able to use public amenities but cannot get away from people not practicing social distancing while they're outside.

Jenny was shocked by people ignoring social distancing rules
Jenny was shocked by people ignoring social distancing rules. Picture: PA

"I don't think they realise the debt that awaits them" if these people end up in hospital, Jenny told Richard. She hoped that people realised the danger they're putting themselves under and others as they ignore the rules.

Richard pointed out that the brave medical staff "won't be in the mind of those selfish people" and will continue working for the benefit of the public Richard said.

He hoped that the work of medical workers will inspire these people to think twice before they leave their house again.

"If they did try picture the person they love in a dangerous tightrope act like your partner then maybe they'll change their mind" Richard suggested.