Can children spread coronavirus? And can kids catch Covid-19?

30 April 2020, 12:07

Can children spread coronavirus? Research shows new results
Can children spread coronavirus? Research shows new results. Picture: PA

How likely is it that children transmit coronavirus to adults? New research reveals new findings about how Covid-19 works in children.

New research has been revealed around the connection between coronavirus and children.

Whether children can spread coronavirus amongst adults has been an important area of findings as Boris Johnson and the government look into lockdown measures and how students should go back to school.

Coronavirus and the younger generation have also been a huge discussion point this week as doctors and health experts have been looking into a possible connection between Covid-19 and Kawasaki disease after reports of increased cases.

How can schools return if coronavirus social distancing rules stay in place?

So, can children spread coronavirus? How likely is it that kids will pass Covid-19 on? And can they catch coronavirus? Here’s what recent research has said:

There is no evidence to suggest children spread Covid-19
There is no evidence to suggest children spread Covid-19. Picture: PA

Can children spread coronavirus?

A study by the Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health and supported by the World Health Organisation amongst other research parties, have found there has not been a single case of a child under ten passing on the illness.

It found evidence that “consistently demonstrates reduced infection and infectivity of children in the transmission chain”.

Dr Alasdair Munro who led the research, said: "Covid-19 appears to affect children less often, and with less severity, including frequent asymptomatic or sub-clinical infection.

"There is evidence of critical illness, but it is rare. The role of children in transmission is unclear, but it seems likely they do not play a significant role."

Supporting the research findings, a British boy who contracted coronavirus did not pass it on despite being in contact with over 170 people.

Can children catch coronavirus?

Yes, just like adults children can catch Covid-19 however, cases suggest it’s more likely they’ll suffer with milder symptoms.