Can you move house during coronavirus lockdown? Nick Ferrari confused by Business Secretary's explanation

27 March 2020, 09:18 | Updated: 27 March 2020, 09:21

By Adrian Sherling

Nick Ferrari was left baffled after the Business Secretary tried to explain the rules on moving house in the coronavirus.

The government has asked people not to move house to try to limit the spread of coronavirus across the UK. They say buyers and renters should delay moving during the lockdown.

Speaking to Business Secretary Alok Sharma, a former Housing Secretary, Nick asked: "The government seem to be pressing pause on the housing market. In practical terms, if I was moving today or Monday, how does that work?"

Mr Sharma said: "Well if you were moving today or Monday, what we have said is that if you've got a mortgage offer and you've exchanged and are looking to complete, we've agreed with the mortgage providers that they should be moving the mortgage offer forward. We're also working with the conveyancing sector that practically the completion date can be moved forward.

"We've put out guidance on how people should act when it comes to house moves and people reading that will regard it as entirely sensible. This is about keeping people safe at this particularly difficult time."

Nick Ferrari was confused about the new rules on moving house under lockdown
Nick Ferrari was confused about the new rules on moving house under lockdown. Picture: LBC

Nick tried to clarify if that means people are not allowed to move and Mr Sharma responded: "What we are saying is that where people are absolutely able to make arrangements to change their moving date, they should absolutely do that.

"There will be certain circumstances where some moves have to be made."

But a confused Nick asked: "To whom does this apply then? No one moves house for fun, it's a fairly traumatic experience for you and your loved ones. So who are you asking to stop?"

Mr Sharma said: "We are asking everyone to pause their moves where they are absolutely able to do that.

"There are people listening to your programme who are concerned about the safety of their families and they may already be taking action to change that moving date."

Nick insisted this would cause havoc with a chain during a house move, but Mr Sharma insisted: "This is about making sure that we keep people safe.

"I think your listeners will absolutely respond to that."