Coronavirus LIVE: UK 'probably reaching peak' as longer lockdown expected

16 April 2020, 05:26 | Updated: 16 April 2020, 07:36

The UK lockdown is likely to be extended
The UK lockdown is likely to be extended. Picture: PA

The UK is "probably reaching the peak" of its coronavirus outbreak, according to England's chief medical officer but the lockdown measures look set to continue.

Professor Chris Whitty says while a slowdown in the rate of new infections is a positive sign, there are still likely to be increases in the number of coronavirus deaths.

The Government is expected to announce it's extending the lockdown later. Restrictions have now been in place for three and a half weeks, with a further three weeks thought likely.

The Cabinet will be briefed on the latest scientific and medical advice, and an emergency Cobra meeting will be chaired by First Secretary of State Dominic Raab.

Another 761 deaths have been recorded in UK hospitals.

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