How have other countries lifted lockdown? How will the UK come out of lockdown?

9 May 2020, 10:24

How have other countries lifted lockdown?
How have other countries lifted lockdown? Picture: PA

By Seán Hickey

The UK is set to outline how it will ease lockdown on Sunday evening, but how have other countries done?

The UK has been in lockdown since March 23 and as the R number has crept below one here, the time has come for Boris Johnson to brief the country on how lockdown will be lifted. Here's what some other countries have done to lift lockdown so we have a better idea of how the UK will come out of lockdown.


People in one of Europe's worst hit countries are now allowed to move within their own region to visit family members and people with which they share a "strong emotional bond". It is mandatory to wear face masks in public while social gatherings are still banned. Bars, salons and restaurants will reopen on June 1 if the spread of coronavirus remains maintainable.


After May 11 people are allowed travel within 100 kilometres of their home. Shops and businesses will only reopen if they can implement social distancing. Surgical masks are distributed at stations and are mandatory on public transport to prevent the spread of coronavirus. A fine of €137 stands for people who don't wear masks.


People are allowed to leave their house for short walks and exercise for the first time in months after the severely hit nation eased restrictions. Appointment based businesses will be the first to reopen with social distancing in place. Spain's four stage plan will be completed by the end of June if spread of virus remains under control.

The UK is to hear how lockdown will lift on Sunday
The UK is to hear how lockdown will lift on Sunday. Picture: PA


From May 5, a five point plan with elderly allowed to move around in public after being shielded had been introduced with stages moving every third week depending on virus numbers remaining low. A radius of two kilometres for exercise has increased increase to 5km and will increase every three weeks. Pubs and bars scheduled to reopen in early August.


Hair salons nationwide reopened on May 4. Individual states easing restrictions on students which is leading to schools reopening. Outdoor gatherings are allowed in pairs and distances reduced to 1.5 metres between groups. The German football league, the Bundesliga is scheduled to return to action on May 15 behind closed doors.


A plan has been introduced to kickstart the Australian economy by the end of July in a three stage lockdown easing plan. Tough social distancing and closure of borders ensured a fast reaction to the coronavirus crisis with the country having less than 20 new cases per day. Track and trace app in place to practice contact tracing.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong was one of the first countries to detect coronavirus, yet has had only four deaths and around 1,000 cases of the virus. A strict 14 day quarantine is in place for people coming from abroad. Some students will return to school by May 27 with full attendance by early June. Bars and restaurants to reopen with 1.5 metre distance between tables, although karaoke bars remain closed.

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