How to stay healthy during the coronavirus lockdown, by Mr Motivator

26 March 2020, 10:42

It's not easy to remain active while we're stuck at home during the coronavirus lockdown. So Steve Allen spoke to Mr Motivator about how to stay healthy without leaving your house.

On Monday, Boris Johnson ordered a lockdown of the UK, with people only allowed to leave the house for one form of exercise, to get food or medical supplies or to do essential work if you can't do it from home.

The TV aerobics instructor gave Steve some very useful tips on how to maintain your health, posture and wellbeing during this unprecedented time.

Do a posture check regularly

"This is the first thing you want to do if you are sitting down regularly, which means that your shoulders have gone around.

"So imagine that there is an orange in between your shoulder blades and I want you to gently squeeze out the juice of that orange.

"That changes your posture and makes you sit up straight. You can't squeeze that orange without putting your head up and sticking your chest out.

"Everyone should be doing that all the time."

Steve Allen spoke to Mr Motivator about staying health during the lockdown
Steve Allen spoke to Mr Motivator about staying health during the lockdown. Picture: LBC / PA

Your mirror is your friend

"Every time you pass a mirror, check out your posture.

"And you want your mirror to say 'wow' to you."

A reminder: There are only three things we need

"We need our health, we need food in the fridge and we need each other. Nothing else is important.

"None of the rest of it matters. Hopefully this situation will remind you of that.

"These three things will be critical to our survival right now and hopefully afterwards, people will decide to reassess their priorities."

The whole conversation with Steve was so uplifting. Listen at the top of the page.