Nick Ferrari grills Michael Gove on lockdown, Sports Direct and crowded Tubes

24 March 2020, 08:57 | Updated: 24 March 2020, 09:33

By Adrian Sherling

Michael Gove told LBC that the government have told Sports Direct to close.

The government yesterday announced a UK lockdown in which people should stay at home and all non-essential shops should close.

Mike Ashley was hoping to keep Sports Direct open, claiming that the selling of sports equipment was important to keep people healthy.

But speaking to LBC, Michael Gove disagreed and confirmed the stores will now not open.

Asked if Sports Direct employees were key workers, Mr Gove said: "No. I was asked earlier if Sports Direct should remain open and I said it should not.

"And I understand they will not be remaining open."

Michael Gove said Sports Direct will now not open
Michael Gove said Sports Direct will now not open. Picture: PA / LBC

However, he did confirm that WH Smiths can remain open, as a newsagent, but he added: "It's vitally important that people restrict their shopping and people should make the minimum number of visits to shops possible."

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