Nick Ferrari challenges Health Minister over equipment for NHS staff

26 March 2020, 09:00

Nick Ferrari has been inundated by calls from the NHS saying they didn't have the right equipment, so he put those worries to the Health Minister.

Ed Argar claimed that the government had provided all the safety equipment that medical workers need during the fight against coronavirus.

So Nick asked what these workers should do to get this equipment that they don't currently have.

Nick told him: "We're hearing from a paramedic who doesn't have the right kit and has glasses that he has to assemble before he can get to a patient.

"We're hearing from a doctor who was delivered gloves that are out of date.

"The kit is still not getting through Minister."

Nick Ferrari challenged the Health Minister over equipment for NHS staff
Nick Ferrari challenged the Health Minister over equipment for NHS staff. Picture: PA / LBC

Mr Argar responded: "We have in recent days seen millions and millions of items of kit delivered across the healthcare system - about 24 million pairs of gloves, about 13-15million face protectors.

"We're ramping up the amount of kit that is being delivered. We've done a drop right across NHS Trusts. But the nature of this kit, the teams are getting through it at an enormous rate and it needs to be replenished.

"We have significant stockpiles in this country, it's now a huge logistical exercise to get it out."

Nick clarified what the workers should do to get the equipment they need and Mr Argar told them to contact their NHS Trust, who have all been sent details of a PPE hotline to order the items they need.

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