Parkinson's sufferer's inspiring story of cracking lockdown - by writing a bestseller

19 April 2020, 11:00

By Seán Hickey

This businessman is an entrepreneur of the year winner and also told LBC that he wrote for a bestselling book during lockdown.

Luke spoke to Richard Spurr to try and help the public find out how they can remain of sound mind during the lockdown. The businessman went on to reveal how he is an entrepreneur of the year winner, contributor to a bestselling book - all while suffering from Parkinson's disease.

Speaking about his contribution to his mental wellbeing during lockdown, Luke told Richard that he wrote a section of a bestseller "n 10 days". He went on to reveal the success of his book, telling Richard that the book has "gone to 1 in UK and Australia and top 20 in America".

Speaking about his remarkable feat, he said that in the last two years "with Parkinsons I went from job centre to entrepreneur of the year".

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The entrepreneur of the year winner revealed that he "wakes up each morning in pain" and motivates himself to get up and reach his bedroom door, which makes him feel like he's "won an award straight away"

A serial businessman, Luke said that he "employs nine fathers" in a cleaning business and used this to prove that "when you get locked in you can still achieve great things".

Back to his book, Luke told Richard that the bestseller is donating all profits to helping domestic violence victims.

He revealed his secret, stating that the best method for him to keep productive and occupied in lockdown was to ask "how can you structure your day". He told the public that the best way for them to solve boredom is to "find ways to get through your day" and most importantly, "think positively".