Public aren't supporting nurses, they're abusing them: caller shames guideline flouters

11 April 2020, 11:54

By Seán Hickey

This caller believes that the police need to be given stricter powers so the public don't put key workers at risk.

Basil was calling from Brixton and told Richard Spurr that the public are disrespecting nurses by continuing to leave their houses for non-essential journeys.

He told Richard that people need to be more considerate of healthcare workers when they leave their house, pointing out that we have lost discipline in our children who are roaming the streets as though there's no crisis.

Basil also noted that "the police want to do a good job but the government aren't letting them", insisting that there's a need for the police to come down harder on people not obeying social distancing rules.

"We are not respecting the nurses" he said. NHS workers are "putting their lives on the limb" for the British public and the Brixton man thinks that the public must become more compassionate to these key workers and go above and beyond to stay home during this time.

Basil thinks there needs to be stricter coronavirus measures to protect key workers
Basil thinks there needs to be stricter coronavirus measures to protect key workers. Picture: PA

"It's not only young people" Basil insisted. He told Richard that he spotted adults flouting rules for reasons that he saw pointless.

"Is a newspaper really important to a nurses life?" he argued. Richard was told by the caller that "we should have been on lockdown three weeks ago" in order to give the UK public a better chance to get used to lockdown, rather than making unnecessary journeys and risking the lives of workers.

Basil believes that the police "should have got pretty heavy with people to show some respect" to key workers in the beginning of the lockdown. He thinks that through this method it would have led to people adapting to strict measures quicker.

"We are not supporting the people that are looking after us" Basil claimed. When speaking about social distancing rules and the government guidelines for coronavirus, he said that the public are abusing the rules and "it's the nurses that are paying for it".