UK Coronavirus deaths: How many have died so far?

8 April 2020, 11:30

The coronavirus death toll in the UK is hopefully reaching its peak
The coronavirus death toll in the UK is hopefully reaching its peak. Picture: PA

Covid-19 has sadly seen more than a million deaths globally now - but how many have their been in England and Wales?

Coronavirus, death numbers in the UK are at an uncomfortable number for the nation now as the Government have the pressure put on them to supply more testing.

As of April 8, the current UK death toll for Covid-19 so far was 6,159 without England and Wales having hit the predicted peak of the virus.

Coronavirus UK: When will lockdown be over?

It was confirmed on April 8, there were 55,242 positive cases, however, the NHS is only testing those coming to hospital with severe cases.

Coronavirus now has a case in most counties across the country
Coronavirus deaths: The UK has seen a huge increase in infections. Picture: PA

Comparing the UK figures to Italy - Europe’s worst-hit country - it’s believe we are approximately two weeks behind in terms of the outbreak.

The majority of UK coronavirus deaths are believed to either the elderly or those with underlying health conditions. However, there have now been reports of deaths of people who were believed to be healthy.

The youngest death is said to be Ismali Mohamed Abdulwahab who was a 13 year old from South London.

In order to try and keep the number as low as possible, Boris Johnson has put the UK in lockdown - demanding people only go out for essential shopping, medical supplies and for one piece of exercise per day.

COVID-19 cases are increasing daily across the UK
COVID-19 cases are increasing daily across the UK. Picture: PA

The Prime Minister has also asked those with underlying health conditions to self-isolate and has also had the NHS send out letters to those who are more vulnerable to ask them to stay indoors for 12 weeks.

The UK are still being advised to wash hands regularly, avoid touching your face, in particular eyes and nose and if you feel any serious coronavirus symptoms to self-contain and ring 111.