Watch LIVE: Matt Hancock gives No10 briefing as England prepares for Covid jab roll out

20 November 2020, 15:35 | Updated: 20 November 2020, 18:05

Matt Hancock was leading a Downing Street press conference, which comes as England prepares to roll out its first jabs against coronavirus.

Flanked by NHS England medical director Professor Stephen Powis, the health secretary was addressing the nation from No10.

It comes after Mr Hancock said earlier in the day that he hoped "we might get some [vaccinations] going" by December.

He said: "We have got this enormous flu vaccination programme and then the likely big numbers, if it comes off, and I stress the 'if', will be next year for a Covid vaccine but we still hold out the hope that we might get some going in December this year."

There are also "deep freezers" that have been "stabilising over the last few weeks", he said, to prepare for the Pfizer vaccine, which needs to be stored at -70C.

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