Coronavirus lockdown: Will tubes, trains and buses still be running?

24 March 2020, 12:44

What transport is running during the coronavirus lockdown?
What transport is running during the coronavirus lockdown? Picture: PA

Prime Minister has warned the UK only essential travel is permitted - so does that mean we can still get public transport?

Boris Johnson has implemented rules and guidelines for the UK to follow during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Prime Minister clearly stated only essential travel was permitted for the whole of the country - so are trains, tubes and buses still running?

Coronavirus lockdown: What are the rules?

As key workers are still allowed to work, public transport is still going ahead with a number of alterations in place.

Buses are still running but only for key essential workers
Buses are still running during lockdown but only for key essential workers. Picture: PA

Here’s everything you need to know about transport including trains, tubes and buses during the coronavirus lockdown:

Can you still get the tube during lockdown?

TFL are currently running a limited service to get any key workers to work.

There are also around 40 stations closed which is further impacting the transport service on offer.

The Waterloo and City line, mainly used by commuters, has also terminated service as well as the Night Tube.

London tubes are running a reduced service during the lockdown
London tubes are running a reduced service during the lockdown. Picture: PA

Are buses still running during the lockdown?

Same rules are in place for buses as the tubes. There is a limited service to help all key workers getting to work.

What train services are still running during UK lockdown?

No train company has completely suspended their services but are also running a restricted service.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said the transport network is being kept open primarily for key workers to travel to work.