Wonderful tribute to "lovely, clumsy, hilarious" nurse who died of Covid-19, by her best friend

9 April 2020, 11:16 | Updated: 9 April 2020, 11:29

By Adrian Sherling

The best friend of a 29-year-old nurse who died of Covid-19 has told LBC she was a "lovely, clumsy, hilarious" woman who was born to be a nurse

Becca Mack worked as a nurse at the children's cancer unit at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary, before taking a job at NHS111. She was training for a new role when she contracted coronavirus and died on Sunday.

Nick Ferrari spoke to her best friend Sarah Bredin-Kemp, who gave a wonderful description of the woman she knew and loved.

"She was a bundle of joy and endless source of support and love. Just really lovely.

"But also clumsy and silly and a ridiculous person. She was hilarious to be around. She would be laughing at herself in this circumstance, so I don't mind sharing with you that she was a bit of a goofball.

"She was made to be a nurse and she knew it. She was really happy to work at the Royal Victoria Infirmary straight after qualifying and she loved every minute of it."

Nick Ferrari heard from Becca Mack's best friend
Nick Ferrari heard from Becca Mack's best friend. Picture: Facebook / LBC

Nick asked what Sarah's abiding memory of Becca would be and her answer was lovely.

"I'm trying to take lessons from her. She had this absolutely unwarranted self-confidence. She really believed she was brilliant - and she was.

"If everyone can believe that of themselves, then make sure you stick up for yourself and fight your own corner even if you're wrong. Just be as stubborn as a mule and make sure you believe in yourself.

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Due to social distancing guidelines, Becca won't be allowed a big funeral. But Sarah revealed they've got plans to celebrate her life once the lockdown is over.

She revealed: "I've spoken to Becca's mum Marion and they are devastated that they won't be able to see her one last time. It will have to be a closed coffin and there can only be 10 people there for the cremation. That covers about 0.1% of the people that would want to be there.

"But she would have turned 30 in June and she was planning this big, ridiculous over-the-top party, which was bigger than most people's wedding, so we'll hopefully have something absolutely fabulous for her when this is over."

Watch her full, loving tribute at the top of the page.

Donate to the JustGiving page in memory of Rebecca, where all money goes to ward 4 and 14 at the Royal Victoria Infirmary for the Children's Cancer Fund.