London Cop Tells LBC: "There Are No-Go Areas"

Donald Trump speech

Nick Ferrari says Donald Trump might be right about London - after a Met Police officer told him they have been told not to wear uniform in certain areas.


Presidential candidate Trump angered Londoners when he said: "We have places in London and other places that are so radicalised that the police are afraid for their own iives."

"Rob", currently serving in the Met Police, insisted police weren't scared, but admitted bosses had told officers to avoid wearing uniforms in certain places in the capital.

He told Nick Ferrari: "There has been a time when it's been advised not to wear half-blues or uniform to and from work.

"It's like damage limitation. You try to do the most you can to prevent anything bad from happening.

"All intelligence is around you and you do the best with that to essentially stay safe. And if that means taking measures to not identify yourself off-duty too much then so be it.

"It's covering your backs. It's a common sense approach."

Regarding no-go areas in London, Rob added: "With gang crime in London, there are areas which you wouldn't go into as a pair of cops in a car because of the fear of having things thrown at you when you're driving through certain estates - bottles etc.

"There are areas when you have to be a little switched on about what's happening in the world."

Afterwards, Nick Ferrari commented: "Hang on a second, maybe there is something in what Donald Trump said. Police are being advised not to travel to and from work in their uniforms.

"So suddenly all this "How dare he say this about London", well no the Met Police accept it as well.

"I appreciate this isn't radicalisation. But certain estates they only go mob-handed - I don't blame them for a second.

"So instead of all shrieking about Donald Trump, perhaps there is just something about what he says."