‘Scrap Stop & Search To Tackle Police Racism’

24 September 2016, 08:13 | Updated: 24 September 2016, 08:48

Racism in the police hasn't gone away and scrapping the abused stop and search powers could be the key to stamping it out, says Richard Spurr.

Talking on his late-night LBC show, Richard said that as police are abusing their powers by targeting black people, it is time to restrict its use.

“It strikes me that after all the inquiries, all the reviews of racism within the police force in Britain, they have not changed. They have not changed their spots. It clearly is still endemic."

“If black people are still four times more likely than white people to face a stop and search then it is time to do away with that power all together.”

“If you abuse of power. If you abuse your authority. Even as a police officer in the way that it is clearly still being abused when you look at these statistics. Then surely it is time for that responsibility, that authority, that privilege to be removed. Eyewatering doesn't even go near it.”

“So an authority clearly abused the stop and search. It surely needs to be withdrawn, it surely needs to stop, in order to pave the way to stamping out racism from the police force in this country.”