Special Constable Left Red-Faced When He Tries (And Fails) To Deploy Police Stinger

29 June 2018, 12:43 | Updated: 29 June 2018, 12:49

A special constable became the joke of his colleagues when he tried, and failed, to deploy a police stinger.

Luckily the Herts Specials trainer saw the funny side as the device crumpled into a heap.

His students tried to spare his blushes but some just couldn't hide their laughter.

The spike strips are usually deployed when drivers fail to stop.

The trainer's spectacular fail was caught on camera
The trainer's spectacular fail was caught on camera. Picture: @Herts_Specials

It can puncture a vehicle’s tyres and bring evading motorists to a halt.

The trainer was attempting to show how quickly the device can be thrown across a road.

But his first attempt, filmed by a colleague, didn’t go to plan.

Uploading the clip to Twitter, Herts Specials quipped: “What can go wrong when the trainer is also an RPU Special? #cakefine #stingerfail @roadpoliceBCH @UKCopHumour”.

Watch the fail above.