Moment Time-Waster Phones 999 Because “KFC Ran Out Of Chicken”

20 December 2018, 13:01

A time-waster who phoned 999 because “KFC ran out of chicken” is just one of a number of frustrating calls received by the Met Police this year.

Scotland Yard released the genuine audio tape along with six others, which also included a complaint about a whistling bus driver.

Between 1st January and 30th November 2018 the Met’s control centre took more than two million calls.

One time-waster phoned 999 because "KFC had run out of chicken"
One time-waster phoned 999 because "KFC had run out of chicken". Picture: PA/Met Police

21,733 of which were hoax calls to the 999 number, the force said.

Now, they’ve released seven of the most bizarre.

“KFC have run out of chicken,” one hoax caller told the operator.

Other incidents included; a woman demanding a female taxi driver come and pick her up and a man complaining his breakfast had not been served quick enough.

Hear them above.