Warning After Kids Are Filmed Clinging To Back Of Moving Bus

4 January 2019, 12:35

Police have issued a warning after CCTV emerged showing two youths hanging onto the back of a moving bus in Salisbury.

The pair were seen clinging to the vent of the vehicle as it drove through the city centre last month.

Wiltshire Police is now urging parents to take responsibility for their children.

It was just one of a number incidents that took place over Christmas involving groups of young people.

CCTV captured the pair clinging to the back of a moving bus
CCTV captured the pair clinging to the back of a moving bus. Picture: Wiltshire Police

On a separate occasion, youths were seen throwing chairs around a cafe and abusing staff in a local McDonald’s.

Acting Inspector John Hutchings said: “All of these incidents have occurred in the daytime when shops and businesses are open and the behaviour of these youths will have been in full view of passing members of the public.

“The behaviour of this small group of youths – some of whom are believed to be as young as 10 - has been a persistent problem throughout the holiday period and these orders have been put in place to prevent further distress caused to members of our local community.”