Ultra-Cool London Bus Driver Prevents Motorbike Collision

31 May 2018, 14:24

A London bus driver has been labelled the coolest bus driver in London after the nonchalant way he stopped a motorcyclist colliding with a pedestrian.

Rider Royal Jordanian filmed the lovely clip on his helmet cam yesterday while riding through Central London.

As the motorcyclist drives between lanes of traffic on Piccadilly, just heading up towards Piccadilly Circus, he approaches a double decker bus.

But just as he was about to pass it, the driver sticks his arm out of the window to warn him that a pedestrian was about to cross.

What followed was the perfect example of people behaving politely.

The bus driver fist-bumps with the motorcyclist
The bus driver fist-bumps with the motorcyclist. Picture: Royal Jordanian

First of all, the pedestrian offers for the motorcyclist to go first and then nods a 'thank you' when he's told to cross.

The bus driver then gives the motorcyclist a thumbs-up, before the pair of them fist-bump.

Watch the delightful clip at the top of the page.