Vigilante Attacks Alleged Drink Driver Who Crashed Outside His House

8 September 2017, 15:24

A man has defended himself after being arrested for attacking a man he believed to be a drunk driver.

Philip Rowe lost his temper after the latest in a long line of drivers crashed outside his house in St Austell, Cornwall.

As police officers were attending to the crash, Mr Rowe raced past them and tried to punch the man, believing he was substantially over the drink-drive limit.

He was led away by police and the driver passed a breathalyser test.

The week before, Philip's CCTV cameras also caught the dramatic moment the driver of a Renault Clio lost control outside his house and flipped over, rolling down the road.

That video can be seen below

Mr Rowe insists the council need to act. He said: "If my behaviour helps bring the issue to people's attention then I'm happy.

"It's going to get ugly and my next step is to cause disruption in the council offices.

"We want something proactive done as we are not at all happy with what we're getting out of the system.

"There's often debris left on the road after these accidents and we're sick of it. We've been fighting for new road signs, but speed cameras are what is really need it to address the problem.

"New schemes planned in the area are only going to increase traffic and make the problem worse."