Sadiq Khan Responds To London Bridge Terror Attack

4 June 2017, 07:54 | Updated: 4 June 2017, 13:11

The Mayor of London has condemned the London Bridge terror attack, which killed six people and left dozens injured.

Sadiq Khan spoke to LBC's Theo Usherwood following the harrowing terror attack at London Bridge last night (Saturday). 

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The Mayor of London condemned the attack, saying it was "deliberate and cowardly". 

He said: "I think words can't describe the grief and anger Londoners will be feeling this morning and throughout today.

"I am appalled and furious that the evil cowards would have deliberately targeted innocent Londoners and bystanders enjoying their Saturday nights."

"We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, these terrorists."

Mr Khan commended the emergency services for their "swift action", which he said saved peoples' lives. 

He added that there will be extra security in force today. 

The clip above is his reaction in full. 

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