Thornberry Brands PM's Terror Plan "Inappropriate" Given Election Campaign Truce

4 June 2017, 16:44 | Updated: 4 June 2017, 18:28

Labour's Emily Thornberry said it was "inappropriate" for the PM to "go further" with her speech by outlining an anti-terror plan.

Emily Thornberry, Shadow Foreign Secretary, spoke to LBC's Political Editor Theo Usherwood about the PM's response to the attack. 

During the PM's statement following the attack, Theresa May outlined four key points that "needed to change" in order to tackle the threat of extremism.

Theresa May: London Bridge attack shows 'we are too tolerant of extremism'

Emily said: "Without being drawn into the content of what she said, I think there is a question about the timing of it. There was an agreement that the two main parties would suspend national campaigning in our general election today, so that we did have time to be able to grieve, and we did have time to be able to mark terrible event which has happened, and that national campaigning would not begin until this evening or indeed tomorrow.

"Many of the things that she has suggested are not things that call for an immediate response, like today, and so I was surprised that she came out with a four point plan within hours of this attack in the way that she did."

The Labour politician said she "did not disagree" with the PM's speech following the Manchester attack, but said this one went too far.

She said: "To go further than that at this stage is not appropriate, and I was surprised that she went as far as she did at this particular point."