Brave Manchester Arena Merchandise Seller “Used T-Shirts” To Bandage Injured

23 May 2017, 14:39 | Updated: 23 May 2017, 15:23

T-shirt vendor John Endsor has given a first-hand account of how he used merchandise to help the injured following the bombing at the Manchester Arena.

Children were among the 22 concert-goers killed in Monday’s suicide attack, a further 59 were also injured in the blast.

John was selling t-shirts for the Ariana Grande gig when he found himself caught up in the horrific explosion.

Speaking to LBC, John explained how the carnage led him to use his stock to aid those injured in the attack.

He said: “There was a chap who came over, he was limping and he was absolutely covered in blood - that’s when I realised something real had gone on.

“I just dropped my t-shirts and started tying them round his arm and his leg.

“One of the security chaps come over, he had a belt, he tied that round the t-shirt to stop the flow of the blood.” 

Listen to the extraordinary story above.