Duchess Of Cambridge Reveals Struggles As New Mother

21 April 2017, 12:40 | Updated: 21 April 2017, 13:24

Heads Together Royals Chat

As part of their Heads Together campaign, Prince William has sat down with his wife Catherine and brother Prince Harry for a revealing discussion about their own mental health.

The video shows the Royals sitting down for a talk about how mental health was a common thread in a lot of the charities work all three of them do.

They're urging people to have what Catherine calls "simple conversations" about mental health issues.

In the six-minute video, William also talks about the pressure on children these days, including exams and social media issues.

Harry talks about the impact that mental health struggles can have on a family, as much as the person who's battling conditions themselves.

And in a moving moment, William and Harry both talk about how they've dealt with the loss of their mother Princess Diana.