This Royal superfan is FURIOUS at Harry and Meghan

9 January 2020, 10:23 | Updated: 9 January 2020, 11:12

This Royal superfan outside Buckingham Palace was very angry with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their decision to step back as senior Royals.

John donned his hat covered in badges supporting the Queen and went down to the Palace to give his support.

And speaking to LBC reporter Rachael Venables, he couldn't hold back his frustration with the young Royals for not even telling his grandmother about their plans.

John was livid at Harry and Meghan
John was livid at Harry and Meghan. Picture: LBC / PA

He said: "They're going against the Queen, they're not informing her. It's not right. This is damaging for the Royal family.

"You must inform the Queen to see if the Queen approves it or not. They're doing things their own selves."

He then had a very strong message for Harry and Meghan - watch it at the top of the page.