'Attack or let it go': Ukrainian Ambassador hits out at Russia's 'mixed signals'

15 February 2022, 20:58 | Updated: 15 February 2022, 20:59

By Megan Hinton

The Ukrainian ambassador to the UK has told LBC he believes Vladimir Putin has not yet decided whether to launch an invasion, amid "mixed messages" from the Russian leader.

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Vadym Prystaiko told LBC that there is still time to ease tensions between Russia and the West, despite suggestions and invasion could happen "within days".

Speaking to Iain Dale on Tuesday evening, ambassador Prystaiko said: "I believe the window for diplomatic solution is still open.

"At the same time, we see the mixed signals, on one hand [Russia] are saying that some resolution is here, from the other hand Putin says Nato hasn't responded to his requests and didn't want to roll back on the 1997 line.

He added: "So I believe the decision has not been made by him personally on what do to next, attack or let it go."

The ambassador added that he did not think an invasion was imminent after US intelligence suggested Russia had plans to move into Ukraine on Wednesday.

When asked about US claims, Mr Prystaiko replied: "Either it was false, or it was an attempt to tell Russians that 'we know about your plans and your not going to do it secretly', which is a risky game on the United State's side."

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The ambassador expressed his concerns about the future of Ukraine after the world has become "so preoccupied by the recent tensions".

He said the country had already "lost people and territory" to Russia over the last seven years and said the West should start to question, "if the situation is defused what will allow Ukraine to survive" in the months and years after.

Adding he was to see NATO telling Russia "this is our unified position, strong, clear and concise".