Colonel Tom Moore's memories of VE Day 75 years ago today

8 May 2020, 10:44

These are the memories of VE Day from the UK's most-loved war veteran Colonel Tom Moore.

The 100-year-old has raised just short of £40million for the NHS by walking up and down his driveway during the coronavirus lockdown.

And as the UK celebrates VE Day, Colonel Tom told Nick Ferrari of his memories of 75 years ago today.

He said: "75 years ago today, I was in Dorset at the Armoured Fighting Vehicles School.

"It was a very delightful day. I had some reservations. All my comrades were still out in Burma fighting the Japanese. But at home, it was an extremely delightful day because it signified that the bombing of London and all the cities in England the continent would come to an end and in Europe we had peace.

"So many people had died and so many had been in mortal danger for so long. The British forces got the opportunity to release prisoners of war and also the enormous number of civilians who had been locked up in atrocious conditions by the Germans.

"From that point of view, it was a very, very good day and a happy one for so many people."

Colonel Tom Moore has raised almost £40m for the NHS
Colonel Tom Moore has raised almost £40m for the NHS. Picture: LBC / PA

Remarkably, even though he has turned 100, Colonel Tom is still walking.

His daughter Hannah revealed: "We're taking a few days' rest. I can liken this to test match cricket. This is a five-day match, we're just at tea on the first day!"

Nick said surely she wasn't going to carry on for another £30million, but Hannah retorted: "Do you think I can stop him? This is just a little rest."