Aysha Frade: A Tribute From A Friend

23 March 2017, 11:18 | Updated: 23 March 2017, 13:38

This man met Aysha Frade when his kids started going to the school she worked at. His tribute to the Westminster terror attack victim is so moving.

"The school is in bits at the moment," caller James told LBC, audibly struggling with the emotion of the aftermath of the deadly attack. "I saw her husband yesterday.

"He came into the school to get his daughter because he knew his wife had been involved in an incident.

"It's very difficult...she was just a great person."

Frade, 43, died of her injuries on Westminster Bridge. She had two daughters aged eight and 11 and worked at DLD College London.

Caller James continued: "All she ever did was say nice things about our kids. To my wife: your kids are so beautiful, they're really lovely kids. It's just a terrible thing that's happened.

"You heard about these things but it's never someone you know. There's 8m people in the city, four people that died and you know one of them. The chances are...it's just horrible."

James O'Brien asked the caller to tell him more about Aysha and what he revealed was heartbreaking: "She was so excited. Her daughter is Year 6 and she's got into the school she wanted to for next year.

"She was so excited to get her daughter into the school."

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