Ian Collins: Why I Worry Corbyn Won't Actually Make A Difference On Poverty

9 October 2017, 07:51

Jeremy Corbyn may get people out of the official poverty statistics, but won't make a difference to poor people's lives, warns Ian Collins.

The Labour leader has promised to increase tax on the highest earners to take more people out of poverty.

But Ian believes that, while he may take people over the "fictional" poverty line and make him look good in the stats, it won't actually make a difference to anyone's lives.

Ian Collins revealed his concern about Jeremy Corbyn
Ian Collins revealed his concern about Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: LBC / PA

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "David Cameron in opposition made the point about this fictitious line between poverty and not poverty.

"What has been happening - and the jury's out over whether Cameron achieved this - was that you can see the line and say that person is in poverty. But then you give them an extra £3 a week and you jump them over the line. So statistically, you've taken that person out of poverty.

"But of course, you haven't really, have you?

"The only way you could really take these people out of poverty is by giving them an extra £200 a week. Three quid is not going to make any difference at all, but statistically, they are out of poverty.

"And his point is you have to find a way to make sure that the person gets out of poverty - and stays out of poverty and then can improve their lives.

"And my fear for Corbyn is that a few shekels go here and a few shekels go there, but will there be a substantial change in your life under Corbyn, that's the question."