'You'd Think I Was Making This Up' Ian Collins Epic Rant On Religion And Politics

3 February 2017, 11:44

Ian Collins On Politics And Religion

Here LBC Presenter Ian Collins epically sums up the "tragic" and "wrong" way religion and politics are still intertwined.

On his late-night LBC show Ian was speaking about The Archbishop of Canterbury, who had visited the studio on Thursday (2) morning. 

He was confronted by a caller about his openness of wanting to remain in the EU during the referendum.

Here Ian gives his passionate take on it: "The Archbishop of course is a member of the House of Lords. He's a legislator. Which is by dint of the fact that he is the head honcho of all things Christian, he gets a say in how laws are made. 

"You'd think I was making that up. You think that would be a kind of story I might tell from many years ago. That's today."

The LBC presenter said that he's been to the state opening of parliament and described the "breathtaking" ceremony. 

He went on: "It's extraordinary. And of course, this against the backdrop of the huge gold...House of Lords stuffed full of old codgers who looked like they died about 15 years ago. 

"And others who are of a religious order. These religious hats and all the garb that they wear. It looks like something from 1586. This is today. 

"These people have a say in how we live our life. That is tragic. That is wrong."