Ian Collins' Epic Takedown Of Black Lives Matter

31 July 2017, 07:42

Ian Collins labelled Black Lives Matter a "tin foil-hat organisation with a good name".

Protesters for Black Lives Matter demonstrated in east London on Saturday over the death of Rashan Charles last week.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott joined more than 100 people gathered outside Stoke Newington police station for the protest.

Ian Collins and Diane Abbott
Ian Collins and Diane Abbott. Picture: LBC / PA

But speaking on his LBC show, Ian Collins said of the organisation: "It just sort of pitched up, gave itself this name - Black Lives Matter - well, what kind of politician is going to say 'I don't think black lives matter'. I don't agree with the organisation.

"The organisation is just tin foil-hat territory meets everyday angst, annoyance and politicised race wars.

"That's all it is. But give it a nice impressive name....

"It's like some of those terrorist organisations who were invited around the cabinet table. Somebody thought 'Oh, they are called the Brothers Of Peace, we must get them round'. No, no, the Brothers Of Peace are suicide bombers. Which bit do you not realise?"