Ian Collins Rights Some Wrongs About Labour And Corbyn

26 July 2017, 10:49

Ian Collins takes down some perceptions people have about the Labour party and its leader.

Ian Collins is fed up of the misconceptions around Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party.

On his late night LBC show, he said: "It's interesting how people decide on, you know like if they do a poll of students, and say 'who introduced tuition fees'?

"Most students go 'It's the Tories wasn't it? ', every time they do one of these things, and they go 'actually no, it was the Labour Party'. Ah yeah, but who increased them?

"That was also the Labour Party. Hey, but who increased them to the £9,000? Well it came on the back of a report from Lord Brown, which was commissioned by the, erm, oh what were they called? Ah, that's it, the Labour Party.

"And similarly with this, we're in a similar kind of place, where there is a perception about things.

"Jeremy Corbyn and Labour, oh yeah he's pro EU, he's the guy that's going to keep us all nice and cozy in the-- no, no, no, in fact, if you could pick one politician that is passionately anti-EU right now, even putting Brexit aside, Jeremy Corbyn would be in your top ten, I promise you."