Ian Collins Takes On Irresponsible Cyclists During Brilliant Rant

7 September 2017, 15:46

Ian Collins is becoming increasingly frustrated with irresponsible cyclist breaking the law by not stopping at red lights.

The LBC presenter was speaking as the government announced it would consider new laws to tackle dangerous cycling.

It comes in the wake of the trial of Charlie Alliston, a cyclist who knocked over and killed a woman while riding his fixed gear bike which had no front brakes.

He was cleared of manslaughter last month but convicted under the 19th century offence of "wanton or furious driving".

Recalling encounter after encounter Ian had had with irresponsible bike users, he finally had enough.

“Don’t just ride through as if no one else exists,” the LBC presenter retorted.

“News flash, there are other people and other vehicles around.”

Watch his brilliant take above.