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Emily Thornberry

Emily Thornberry Says Jerusalem Should Be "Run By An International Body"

Nigel Farage confirmed he would stand as an MP in the next general election

Nigel Farage Confirms He Will Stand As An MP At Next General Election

Sadiq Khan risked reigniting a feud with Donald Trump ahead of the US President's state visit

Sadiq Khan: Trump’s Treatment Of Women Gave "Green Light For Others To Behave Badly"

Ed Miliband joined Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio

Nick Ferrari v Ed Miliband: Brilliant Debate On Ending Climate Change

Dr Pippa Malmgren joined Eddie Mair on Thursday

Mueller Report WON’T Swing Voters Ahead Of US Election, Says Ex-Presidential Advisor

Ken Clarke was the latest guest on the Full Disclosure podcast

Ken Clarke Reveals His Biggest Political Mistake... And His Answer Is Hilarious

Maajid Nawaz

Openly Gay Imam Tells Maajid Nawaz: People Can Not Be Defined By Just Two Qualities

Jacob Rees-Mogg played an April Fools' Day joke on Nick Ferrari

Jacob Rees-Mogg Backs John Bercow As Next Tory Leader In April Fools' Day Prank

Lord Mandelson spoke to Shelagh Fogarty on Monday

Theresa May At Risk Of “Blowing Up The Economy” Unless She Changes Course On Brexit

Tobias Ellwood was given an Eddie Mair grilling over Theresa May's handling on Brexit

Government Minister Grilled Over Theresa May’s Brexit Leadership

Andrea Leadsom in the LBC studio

Andrea Leadsom Warns Remainers As She Vows There WILL Be A Third Brexit Vote

Boris Johnson listens to caller Paul

Angry Caller Accuses Boris Johnson Of Misleading The Public Over Brexit