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Chlorinated chicken on the menu in Brexit trade deal, Mike Pompeo tells LBC

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Nick Ferrari's tense interview with Huawei director on if we can trust them over 5G

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US are not interested in NHS in trade talks, insists US Ambassador

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Ofsted chief's bizarre reason she wouldn't accept all school donations

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Ana Diamond in the LBC studio

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Mr Blair was speaking to LBC's Iain Dale

Iain Dale: Interview With Tony Blair - Watch In Full

Iain Dale and Tony Blair

Tony Blair Reveals He Was Told To 'Stay Quiet' During Brexit Referendum

Maajid Nawaz interviews the producers who made a documentary called 'The Hunt For Jihadi John'

Maajid Nawaz Interviews Producers Of 'The Hunt For Jihadi John'

Emily Thornberry

Emily Thornberry Says Jerusalem Should Be "Run By An International Body"