Man, 68, Comes Out As Gay For The First Time Live On Air

27 July 2017, 08:29

Born in 1949, this man never felt able to come out to his family. Now he's made the brave decision to be his true self - and come out for the first time, live on air.

A new survey by PinkNews has found that four in 10 Brits still think homosexuality is unnatural - 50 years after it was partially decriminalised.

Ian Collins asked whether members of the LGBTQ community, in this day and age, still live in fear of people discovering their sexuality.

That's when Andrew from Manchester phoned in, and at the age of 68, finally felt comfortable to publicly say he was gay.

Andrew has never come out to his family, or anyone before, but took the first step by revealing that he has always been gay.

Born in 1949, when Andrew was growing up homosexuality was still illegal, and he never felt able to come out. Now he has the confidence to do so.

Watch the clip to see Ian and the caller's emotional conversation.