Muslim Caller Has Perfect Response When Questioned About ISIS

24 July 2017, 11:32 | Updated: 24 July 2017, 11:45

This Muslim caller wants people to take a "step back" when criticising his religion.

Late-night LBC Presenter Ian Collins was discussing a US radio station's decision to cancel an appearance from author Richard Dawkins following his tweets about Islam.

The evolutionary biologist was due to discuss his latest book, Science in the Soul: Collected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist, but his appearance was cancelled after a number of his Tweets were seen by some as Islamophobic.

Event organisers justified their decision by saying some of his Tweets had upset people.

This Muslim caller phoned in to offer his take on the subject - and why people would have been offended by the Tweet.

He said the generalisations about his religion are frustrating.

The caller told Ian: "A great saying that we have in this country, Ian is that 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating'.

"These people on average studied comparative religion for seven years, if this religion truly preached murdering innocent people, murdering non-believers, being unkind, and unjust, and unfair, and throwing gays off roofs, and things like that, if it truly preached that, are we honestly saying that these people are so stupid, so gullible, or had this violent trait in them, that they found this teaching--"

Ian interjected: "Yes, because as a Muslim, Abbas, you're meant to keep quiet about that stuff when you talk to a mere mortal like me, and not let it be known.

"And the ISIS boys who are throwing gay people off buildings, and drowning, and setting fire to anything with a pulse, they are the real Muslims of course.

"You are just a wicked messenger who is keeping it all quiet and under wraps until the day of reckoning, or whatever the Islamic version of that is."

Abbas, laughing, said: "I would urge all of us, all of your listeners, to just sort of take a sept back from all this rhetoric, all this coverage that we see.

"And even if you look at hardened, analytical and empirical evidence, the biggest estimates that are given about extremism or extremists within Islam - it comes to a statistic of 0.005 per cent.

"If you expand that to make it something far greater, then that is what the definition of what a phobia is. It's an irrational fear in something which isn't actually there."