The "Nasty" Left Are Killing Free Speech, Says Ian Collins

20 February 2017, 07:49

Ian Collins Piers Morgan

Trump supporter Piers Morgan has stepped down from hosting an awards ceremony after a campaign to remove him and that has made Ian Collins angry.

Piers Morgan was due to host the Royal Television Society Awards, but has decided to decline following a campaign against him due to his support of President Trump.

Ian Collins says the the left claim they are the nice side, but this is just plain nasty.

He said: "Bonnie Greer is not going to go to an award that is hosted by Piers Morgan because Piers Morgan has said that Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler. OK? Believe me, it's this bad.

"The left wing fanatical fascism that surrounds these kind of decisions. These are the people that say they are practicing good manners, that what they are doing is right and nice. And in fact they are killing free speech.

"Because once you set the narrative out the trap it's very hard to put it back in.

"Piers Morgan must be somehow fiddling around with Trumpian politics as it will now be know, clearly means he's one of them, so we don't want him at our award ceremony, so let's get a petition. Let's get a petition going to ban a man from earning a living because we politically disagree with him. In fact it's not even him, it's him by association.

"That to me is the definition of being vile, bilious and nasty."