4,500 Staff In 153 Tesco Metro Stores Are Set To Lose Their Jobs

5 August 2019, 15:01 | Updated: 5 August 2019, 15:08

Tesco Metro store in central London
Tesco Metro store in central London. Picture: PA

The UK's biggest supermarket has announced its latest round of major redundancies to be made at Tesco Metro stores.

153 Tesco Metro stores (smaller versions of the supermarket) are set to see 4,500 staff made redundant.

Retail expert Julie Palmer has told LBC the cuts are in response to customer trends:

"Initially Tesco Metro stores would be used more for people to do a smaller shop, but increasingly they're being used just for convenience, for picking up the odd item, rather than for staple shopping."

Tesco UK Chief Executive Jason Tarry said: "In a challenging, evolving retail environment, with increasing cost pressures, we have to continue to review the way we run our stores to ensure we reflect the way our customers are shopping and do so in the most efficient way.

"We do not take any decision which impacts colleagues lightly, but have to make sure we remain relevant for customers and operate a sustainable business now and in the future."

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