Boris Johnson v Jeremy Corbyn on the NHS

15 January 2020, 11:46 | Updated: 15 January 2020, 12:49

Boris Johnson faced tough questions from Jeremy Corbyn about the state of the NHS in Prime Minister's Questions today.

Waiting times at A&E departments are at their highest level since records began, with official data showing only 81.4% of emergency patients were seen within four hours in November.

The Labour leader said: "The number of patients waiting more than four hours in A&E is now at its highest on record for the second month in a row.

"We've had months of promises. People need action.

"There probably isn't a family in the United Kingdom which hadn't been affected in some way by cancer. Yet last year we saw one in four patients waiting more than two months for the start of their cancer treatment.

"How many more patients will face what are life-threatening delays because our NHS is understaffed and underfunded?"

Mr Johnson replied: "As [Mr Corbyn] knows, there is a massive demand on the NHS, which he also knows is doing a fantastic job, particularly in oncology where tremendous progress has been made.

"He's right to signal the delays that people are facing and they are indeed unacceptable, and that is why we're investing in 50,000 more nurses, that's why we're investing in 6,000 more GPs and that is why this Government is investing record sums in the NHS.

"We will get those waiting lists down."

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