Caller wants 'our own elected idiots' making decisions not 'Luxembourg'

7 December 2020, 12:16 | Updated: 7 December 2020, 17:21

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This classic LBC Brexit call ended up with James O'Brien being told the EU "will crumble" once the UK leaves the bloc.

After a weekend of talks - officials from the UK and EU are still struggling to agree on a post-Brexit trade deal.

Negotiators are still to come up with a plan on points like fishing rights and competition rules.

Martin from Romford called in to speak to James amid on-going Brexit talks between the UK and the EU.

The caller told James he thought it was "all going to be rushed through," after telling the LBC presenter it was "never going to happen."

When James questioned this the caller then said "they're never gonna make a decision," claiming the EU "doesn't want us to leave."

James was quick to point out though that "we've already left."

But, this didn't put the caller off and he said when the UK voted to leave the EU then it should have been carried out straight away.

"At the end of the day this country is going to make mistakes," Martin said.

Adding: "At least our own elected idiots are going to do it."

As James challenged the caller, Martin changed his position At one point he said a deal would not be struck, but then claimed one would be "rushed through."

Martin then went on to claim the UK should be allowed to make its own decisions "right or wrong" rather than having "some little tiny principality of Luxembourg telling us what to do."

James challenged the caller asking "when did they do that?"

"Many many years ago," Martin said.

When James asked what the "worst rule" Luxembourg made, the caller did not have a straight answer.

"They shouldn't have been telling us anything," he said.

But before James would let the caller off the line he once again asked the caller what the worst decision Luxembourg made us do.

Bewilderingly Martin's response was "I don't care."

In a classic James O'Brien Brexit call Martin then said people had voted to leave the EU to "take back control" but could not explain how this could happen.

The caller ended by suggesting once the UK leaves the EU the bloc will "crumble."

Luxembourg is officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, not a principality.