Brexit Party Fails To Win First Seat As Labour Win Peterborough By-Election

7 June 2019, 07:05

Labour's Lisa Forbes wins the Peterborough by-election
Labour's Lisa Forbes wins the Peterborough by-election. Picture: PA

The Brexit Party has failed to win its first seat in the House of Commons, after Labour narrowly won the Peterborough by-election.

Union activist Lisa Forbes got 683 more votes than businessman Mike Greene.

Labour won 10,484 votes to the Brexit Party's 9,801, with the Tories on 7,243 votes in a seat which has traditionally been a two-way Conservative-Labour marginal. The Liberal Democrats were fourth with 4,159, while the Greens came fifth with 1,035 votes.

However, Labour's vote share was down from 48 to 31%.

A tweet for the Brexit Party expressed their joy at how close they came. They wrote: "A remarkable result for our 8 week old party.

"If we can come so close in our 201st target seat, no seat is safe."

In her victory address, Ms Forbes said the result showed the people of Peterborough had rejected "the politics of division".

She said: "Despite the differing opinions across our city, the fact that the Brexit Party have been rejected here in Peterborough shows that the politics of division will not win."

Peterborough By-Election Result

Lisa Forbes (Labour) 10,484 (30.91%, -17.17%)
Mike Greene (Brexit) 9,801 (28.89%)
Paul Bristow (Conservative) 7,243 (21.35%, -25.45%)
Beki Sellick (Liberal Democrat) 4,159 (12.26%, +8.92%)
Joseph Wells (Green) 1,035 (3.05%, +1.27%)
John Whitby (UKIP) 400 (1.18%)
Tom Rogers (Christian People's Alliance) 162 (0.48%)
Stephen Goldspink (English Democrats) 153 (0.45%)
Patrick O'Flynn (Social Democrats) 135 (0.40%)
Howling 'Laud' Hope (Loony) 112 (0.33%)
Andrew Moore (ND) 101 (0.30%)
Dick Rodgers (CG) 60 (0.18%)
Peter Ward (Renew) 45 (0.13%)
Pierre Kirk (UKEUP) 25 (0.07%)
Bobby Smith (ND) 5 (0.01%)