Brit holidaymakers ‘stranded in hot airport corridor with no food, water or toilets’

22 June 2022, 17:56 | Updated: 22 June 2022, 18:20

Passengers were delayed before being left 'stranded' in the corridor at the airport
Passengers were delayed before being left 'stranded' in the corridor at the airport. Picture: Social Media

By Asher McShane

Holidaymakers have told of their anger at being left stranded in a hot airport corridor with no access to toilets or water - only to find their flight was cancelled.

A large group of travellers waiting to board the easyJet plane to Manchester at 11.30am on Tuesday were left sweltering in the corridor as temperatures went past 30C outside.

The passengers were allegedly ushered into the corridor to await their flight's departure, before being left there for an hour, only to find their flight had been cancelled.

Some passengers said in total they were at the airport for eight hours and then had to book hotels and taxis as they rearranged their journeys.

One passenger caught in the delays wrote: “Madness at gate 22 at Pisa airport. Flight to Manchester delayed; passengers hot, no water, no toilets, no security and airside open to us all?!”

One trapped passenger told the MailOnline: “'Every single person who was meant to be on the Manchester flight was locked in this corridor - locked at both ends.

“Within 10 minutes it was getting hotter and hotter and hotter.

”There were babies that were stripped off because they were absolutely sweating and there was no air.

“We tried to kick down a fire exit just to get some air for people.

Natalie Yates said: “Easyjet and Pisa airport showing what they’re good at with customer service.

“We’ve been delayed already and now ushered into the boarding tunnel with no food, water or toilets and people are fainting and overheating. No communication, and no way out. Send help.”

In a second Tweet she wrote: “There is nobody at our gates now, people are passing out and we just need a bus to the plane which is sat waiting, food and drinks are selling out and it’s overcrowded here.”

A third said: "8hrs in the airport to be told it’s cancelled, after being held in a tunnel without access to food and drink. Madness!"

Other passengers complained of issues at Pisa airport on Tuesday.

One blasted ‘utter chaos’ after left waiting more than three hours for their bags. Another complained at being left for 40 minutes on the tarmac waiting for a shuttle to the terminal.