British newlywed 'in ribbons' after husband infected with coronavirus is 'taken away'

7 February 2020, 10:25

Mr Steele has been taken to hospital
Mr Steele has been taken to hospital. Picture: Facebook

A British national infected with coronavirus while honeymooning aboard a cruise ship in Japan has been named.

Alan Steele, from Wolverhampton, confirmed in a Facebook post on Friday that he had been diagnosed with the virus and was being taken to hospital.

He said he wasn't yet showing any symptoms and could be a "possible carrier" of the virus.

Posted by Alan Steele on Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Replying to comments from well-wishers, the newlywed said he had been separated from his wife Wendy, who had been left in quarantine on the boat and was "not happy about it".

He wrote: "Just to let you all know I have been diagnosed as having the virus and am being shipped to hospital.

"Would also like to say that at the moment I am not showing any symptoms so just possibly a carrier.

"Will let you know how I am going on when possible."

Posted by Alan Steele on Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Mr and Mrs Steele, who married in mid-January, were on their honeymoon aboard the Diamond Princess when a passenger was confirmed to have the virus and the ship was placed under quarantine.

It is being held for two weeks in a harbour in Yokohama, Japan - and has around 3,700 people on board.

The number of confirmed cases aboard the ship has now jumped to 41, with Mr Steele among them.


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Meanwhile, Wendy Steele, who is a nurse, said she was "in ribbons" at being separated from her husband.

She wrote: "They have just taken Alan away. I am in ribbons. He is healthy and not displaying any symptoms.

"I am bereft. If he ends up being ill I can't look after him. Not only as a wife... but as a nurse."

In a later post replying to a friend, she said she was trying to keep up "the British stiff up a lip and use our sense of humour.

"On the plus side after this our marriage will survive anything."