Care homes scandal seen as Government’s biggest coronvirus failing - LBC exclusive poll

29 June 2020, 07:06 | Updated: 29 June 2020, 07:09

LBC's poll states the government is going to be remembered over their actions over care homes
LBC's poll states the government is going to be remembered over their actions over care homes. Picture: PA

The coronavirus care homes scandal is viewed as the Government’s biggest failing throughout its handling of the crisis, according to an exclusive poll for LBC.

The official UK death toll for coronavirus stands at 43,550 and with almost a third - more than 16,000 of those - in care homes. Only the United States have had more deaths.

After care homes, the lack of PPE, testing failures, the Dominic Cummings scandal and the re-opening schools were all high among people’s list of major concerns during the crisis.

85% of people said they were concerned about the handling of the situation in care homes, with 49 per cent describing themselves as “very concerned.” 81% of people said they had concerns about the government’s failure to provide PPE for those who need it. 73% cited testing failures, including the government’s beleaguered app, 68% raised concerns over the Dominic Cummings scandal and 64% were concerned overs the reopening of schools.

Dominic Cummings will be remembered more than the government actions on schools
Dominic Cummings will be remembered more than the government actions on schools. Picture: PA

People also raised fears about a resurgence of Covid-19 over the summer months, with two in three people worried about taking a holiday (67%), going to the pub (67%) and going out to dinner (64%). 33 per cent of people described themselves as “very worried” about going to the pub, and 71 per cent of over-65s said they were “worried” about going to the pub.

When asked about their views of the nation’s leaders, one third of people said they think Boris Johnson has shown strong leadership during the Coronavirus crisis, with Rishi Sunak second with 26 per cent.

Only 6% of people polled said that Matt Hancock had shown strong leadership during the crisis.

14% of people said they thought Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer had shown himself to be a strong leader.

Fewer than one in ten people said they think Britain should have an open trading relationship with China in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. 39% said the relationship should be “open but cautious” and a similar split (34%) said that the Government should not agree a trade deal and only maintain a relationship with China “where necessary.”

Who has shown the strongest leadership?
Who has shown the strongest leadership? Picture: LBC

Deltapoll told LBC: “Lockdown might be easing but the public remain uneasy. Forget about Bournemouth beaches, the true picture is one of British families worried about taking a holiday, going for a meal or even for a pint.

“You can hardly blame them - there remain high levels of concern about how the government has responded to the pandemic, most notably about PPE, care homes and the test and traced fiasco. Immediately accepting new guidance on what can now be done will inevitably be treated with some caution.

“The PM still holds a strong gap over the emerging Keir Starmer on perceived leadership though, with only his Number 2 Rishi Sunak pushing him on close on leadership strength.

“That said, Boris might just find a way of reinforcing his ratings by taking a position on Britain’s relationship with China, as the public are completely split on how we should deal with on-going trade and security concerns.”

LBC Exclusive poll with Deltapoll. Poll carried out between 24-25th June. National representative online survey of 1597 adults.